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Magic Breakfast & Impetus

The partnership with Impetus has been invaluable in helping us to plan for our next stage of growth.

– Carmel McConnell, CEO, Magic Breakfast

The need: Half a million children arrive at school hungry each day. They struggle to concentrate which makes learning a challenge.

Our charity partner: Magic Breakfast supports schools to run breakfast clubs that provide healthy food to children who come to school hungry. An evaluation showed that, in primary schools supported by Magic Breakfast, pupils made the equivalent of two months of extra academic progress in a year.

Our impact: Together with the Education Endowment Foundation, we’re helping Magic Breakfast to provide breakfasts to even more children. Impetus helped Magic Breakfast to win £24m of government funding with their partner Family Action. To support this, Eden McCallum also provided Magic Breakfast with pro bono support. This has allowed them to support an extra 1,770 new schools, feeding over 270,000 children every day.

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