Andy Ratcliffe, CEO, announces he is stepping down

Impetus announced today that Chief Executive Andy Ratcliffe will step down this summer after four years with the charity.

Announcing his decision, Andy said:

This is undoubtedly the hardest professional decision I have ever made.

I believe passionately in the Impetus cause of helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed in school, work and life. I believe in our model of backing the best charities with long term and rigorous support. And, most of all, I believe in our team who combine such passion and brilliance and make Impetus a great place to be.

But one thing I've learned from working with the leaders and boards of our amazing charity partners is that a properly planned change of leadership is healthy for an organisation as it grows and develops, bringing new ideas and perspectives. So I decided at the start of the year that this summer was the right time for a change for both me and Impetus.

There are exciting times ahead for Impetus as we continue to grow our impact and our influence, including building the new Youth Endowment Fund. So if you're looking for a leadership opportunity where you can achieve great things for disadvantaged young people please consider applying to be my successor.

Across the coming months we will be searching for Andy's successor. Please apply via the Parrett Laver website by clicking the button below.