The Impetus Manifesto

The Impetus Manifesto is a call to action, urging the next government to place these young people at the forefront of their policy agenda.

It reflects on the work we’ve done and the lessons we’ve learned over the last few years – from finding out about the Youth Jobs Gap and the exclusions grades gap; to funding great charities like Voice21 and Action Tutoring, to building coalitions like the Fair Access Coalition and the Youth Employment Group.

The evidence is undeniable — young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face significant barriers, manifesting in lower academic achievement, higher exclusion rates, reduced university attendance, and greater challenges in transitioning to work. However, we firmly believe that with the right support, these obstacles can be overcome. Our manifesto offers evidence-backed recommendations that not only aim to address these issues but also enhance the UK's long-term productivity and growth.

Your support can help shape a brighter future. By sharing our vision and advocating for these transformative policies, we can collectively ensure that every young person has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background.