Board of Trustees

Hanneke Smits (Chair)

BNY Mellon Investment Management

“Impetus helps more children succeed in education and more young adults move successfully into work, through a combination of financial support, the skills of their staff and pro-bono support. I have seen their impact. For example, Resurgo (one of their charity partners) originally started with a centre close to where I live and has been able to expand rapidly through its partnership with Impetus.”

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Alexander Walsh


Helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to tackle inequality is a cause close to my heart and one of the most important issues we face. Leveraging the resources of the private equity industry at large, both financially and in skills and knowledge, to achieve this goal remains as relevant today as it did when Impetus was founded, and I’m delighted to be a part of it.

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Andy Thoms


Impetus is an incredible organisation with a truly unique model that identifies charities with high potential to disproportionately reduce youth inequality and accelerate their progress at scale. Impetus’ mission to ensure every young person succeeds is today more pertinent than ever, and I’m honoured to be joining their board to contribute towards achieving this.”

Bill Benjamin

Ares Management

“It has often been said that the best anti-poverty measure is a job. By focusing on education and employment for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, Impetus is at the forefront of combating inequality, which is the most pressing social issue of our time.”

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Charlie Edwards

The Stone Family Foundation

“Impetus is all about making impact. Along with providing much needed funding, it is their hard work – getting alongside inspiring leaders of promising charities and helping them to improve and grow – that is having a real and lasting impact on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I am proud to be part of an organisation that is helping these young people to succeed against the odds.”

Filippo Cardini


“Impetus works closely with charity leaders who are passionate about improving outcomes for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They bring much needed long-term financial and strategic support to their charity partners, and their unique model is highly successful in helping these charities to scale. The impact this has on the lives of young people is transformative and I am proud to be part of this work.”

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Lisa Stone

(formerly) HgCapital

“Impetus is like no other charity I have come across. Yes they help to provide funding to their family of charities, but more importantly they provide the critical skills and support needed to help these organisations to grow and develop. The transformation that can be achieved is astonishing and the impact it has on young people’s lives is truly remarkable.”

Natasha Porter

Unlocked Graduates

“The work of Impetus is so important and makes a real difference. This is not only because they are supporting and scaling charities that work with young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, but also because they do so with a relentless focus on evidence and impact. I am delighted to be in a position to support Impetus’ mission through my position on the board and by chairing the Public Affairs Committee.”

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Rohan Haldea

Apax Partners

"Impetus are at the forefront of transforming the lives of young disadvantaged people, which is a cause that has always resonated with me. Their ground breaking work directly impacts the success of various charity partners, enabling these charities to become more effective and sustainable. Having closely followed the progress of Impetus over the years (through the Apax Foundation), I am excited to be on the board to support the continued evolution of Impetus as it continues to widen its impact."

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Sat Singh

Renaissance Foundation

“During my time on the Impetus Leadership Academy, I was able to experience Impetus’ work first hand, and the programme had a transformational impact on my leadership journey. I share the passion of the dedicated Impetus team to make changes to improve the youth sector and create transformational opportunities for young people in the UK.”

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Shani Zindel


"Having been a trustee of an Impetus backed charity, I have seen first-hand the impact they have. It is so much more than just money. It is advice, challenge, access to experts and above all a real clarity of focus on impact of the charity."

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