Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring & Impetus

We value the funding Impetus provides. However, their unique approach in providing management advice and pro bono consultants gives a huge amount of added value.

– Susannah Hardyman, CEO, Action Tutoring

The need: Good GCSE grades are gateway qualifications for further study and fulfilling work. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are 40% less likely to pass English and maths GCSE than their better-off peers.

Our charity partner: Action Tutoring works across the country providing trained volunteer tutors to support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to pass their GCSEs and SATs.

Our impact: Since 2014 we’ve supported Action Tutoring in creating a strong curriculum, a longer programme and new performance management processes. And it’s worked – 80% of their pupils pass their English or maths GCSE, after the equivalent of just two terms of weekly tutoring. We have also helped Action Tutoring improve school retention rates from 60% to 85% and pupil attendance from 60% to more than 75%.

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Educational attainment

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are 40% less likely pass English and maths GCSEs than their better off peers. We’re focussed on supporting young people to develop social and emotional skills; championing tutoring; and shining a light on chronically underserved young people excluded from school pass English and maths GCSEs, compared with 69% of all other pupils. With the right support, we can make life after school fairer.
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