AllChild (formerly West London Zone)

AllChild & Impetus

Impetus led us to ask critical questions about our model and our impact that we wouldn’t have asked ourselves.

Louisa Mitchell, CEO, AllChild

The need: Children from disadvantaged backgrounds have, on average, weaker Social and Emotional Learning skills, which is linked with poorer mental health, lower academic attainment and poorer employment outcomes. Interventions that promote the development of these can lead to gains in academic performance.

Our charity partner: AllChild helps children and young people build the relationships and skills they need to get on track socially, emotionally and academically to thrive in adulthood. AllChild's work spans across 4 London boroughs. In September 2024, AllChild will expand their communities of reach with their Impact Programmes launching in the communities of Leigh, Atherton, and Tyldesley in Wigan. 

Our Impact: We’ve supported AllChild in developing their leadership team and helped them secure multi-year co-investment funding to ensure their programme remains sustainable and can reach more than 1700 young people per year, supporting them to build essential life skills, self-confidence, and relationships.

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Educational attainment

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are 40% less likely pass English and maths GCSEs than their better off peers. We’re focussed on supporting young people to develop social and emotional skills; championing tutoring; and shining a light on chronically underserved young people excluded from school pass English and maths GCSEs, compared with 69% of all other pupils. With the right support, we can make life after school fairer.
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Our new report on social and emotional learning

A “state of the nation” report with the Centre for Education and Youth on social and emotional learning, which sets out what’s happening in practice and where we could go next.
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