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MCR Pathways & Impetus

Part of the Engage Fund: a partnership with The Henry Smith Charity

We are benefitting from Impetus’ expertise and insight to enable us to scale across the country and offer the programme to every young person in need who would benefit from the unique and individualised support of a mentor.

– Fay Gingell, CEO, MCR Pathways

The need: Young people in mainstream secondary schools who have experience of the care system, or face challenges like special educational needs, living in severe poverty, or living with extended family not parents, often find it harder to engage in education than their peers.

Our charity partner: MCR Pathways works with young people aged 10-18, supporting them from the crucial transition from the last year of primary school into
secondary school, to the end of college. The mentoring that MCR Pathways offers can help these young people achieve equality of educational outcomes, career opportunities and improve life chances.

Our impact: Impetus is helping MCR Pathways to expand their Young Talent programme throughout the country, focusing on the triple outcomes of keeping students in school, improving attainment and increasing EET (education, employment or training) rates. MCR Pathways is already ahead of its 2022 targets for reaching young people.

My mentor’s name is Ellie and she’s my best friend – I love her so much. We’re really close, we have lots in common and she helps me with a lot of different things. She makes me feel very open and happy.

– Lily, 15, Hertfordshire

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Educational attainment

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are 40% less likely pass English and maths GCSEs than their better off peers. We’re focussed on supporting young people to develop social and emotional skills; championing tutoring; and shining a light on chronically underserved young people excluded from school pass English and maths GCSEs, compared with 69% of all other pupils. With the right support, we can make life after school fairer.
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