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Part of the Engage Fund: a partnership with The Henry Smith Charity

Our partnership with Impetus has enabled the trust to move forwards in a more creative and dynamic way. It has has opened the door to an invaluable network of professionals who together are providing effective solutions to change the lives of some of the country's most disadvantaged children and young people.

– Mark Vickers MBE, CEO, Olive Academies Trust

The need: Since 2013 there has been a 40% rise in the number of pupils permanently excluded from school. We know pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are four times as likely to get a permanent exclusion than their better-off peers.

Our charity partner: Olive Academies Trust runs five academies across London and East England, specialising in alternative provision alongside Olive Outreach, an exclusion-prevention programme in mainstream schools. They focus on providing pupils with creative, nurturing and inspiring learning opportunities which re-engage them in learning and transform their lives.

Our impact: With The Henry Smith Charity, we’ve partnered to provide Olive Academies Trust with £200,000 to support their ambitions to further develop their outreach and preventative programmes within mainstream schools. This will enable the trust to grow its provision of targeted support to help even more at-risk students and prevent exclusions.

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University access – what's the real story?

Headlines about the declining number of advantaged students going to Oxbridge are distracting from the real state of play in university admissions.

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What next for fair access and participation?

On Thursday 10th February 2022 we were pleased to host John Blake for his first external speaking event in his new role as Director for Fair Access and Participation at the Office for Students. A Q&A and panel discussion followed, including multiple perspectives (university, school, sector and student) on how we can enhance collaboration to support more young people on the path to success.

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Lessons from the youth hub library - it’s the details that make a difference

We were asked by the Department for Work and Pensions and the West Midlands Combined Authority to support the planning and development of one of the demonstrator youth hubs, at the Library of Birmingham.

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