Engage Grant Round 2024: FAQs

My organisation does not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria, can Impetus still consider us for this Open Grant Round?

Our eligibility criteria have been calibrated to ensure that our partner organisations are of a sufficient size to benefit from our focused and hands-on support package and are aligned with our funding objectives. As such, we are not able to make exceptions for organisations that do not meet all the eligibility criteria.

I have completed the application form and would like the opportunity to give further detail and context on some of our answers, can I book a call to discuss our application?

If you progress to the shortlist, we will arrange a phone call with your CEO and have a chance to learn about your work in more detail. Our process for reviewing applications has been designed to allow us to assess multiple organisations on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, we are not able to conduct informal conversations with applicants before the shortlisting stage of our investment process.

Do I need a Google account to complete the application form?

The application form allows anyone to apply, with or without a Google account.

I submitted an application and have not yet heard back, when will I know the outcome of my application?

We will try to respond to all applicants with an update on our decision as soon as possible after the open call closes. However, depending on the number of applications we receive, the process of assessing applications may take longer than we expect. We will communicate the outcome of your application as soon as possible.

Can I apply for funding if my organisation has already received a grant from the Henry Smith Charity?

Yes – you are still eligible. If you are taken forward to "Step Three - 90-minute call with your CEO" we will discuss other major funders you receive grants from in more detail then.

My organisation delivers the majority or all of its exclusions related work outside of England (i.e. in Scotland, Wales and/or Northern Ireland) – can we still apply?

No. The majority of your exclusions related work must be delivered in England. You can deliver some work in Scotland, Wales or NI but if all or the majority of your work is delivered there you are ineligible.

My organisation works with young people entirely outside of school settings and has no connection to the young person’s school – can we still apply?

No. There must be some connection to a young person’s school – for example we will consider applications for interventions that take a blended approach including out-of-school delivery, but not ones that are entirely community based and completely separate from an education setting.

Your work can be “Out of Classroom” i.e. in or connected to a young person’s school but outside of the classroom setting. If this means taking students offsite or on residential trips through or in partnership with a young person’s school your organisation would still be eligible.

Will you provide bespoke feedback for my application?

Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to provide feedback on all applications at the first round. However, if your organisation progresses to "Step Three - 90-minute call with your CEO" or beyond, we will provide feedback on why your application was unsuccessful.

I have a question regarding the eligibility or application form that is not covered by the above.

Please send your query to investment@impetus.org.uk