Impetus Leadership Academy FAQs

Will the course be delivered remotely, in-person or a combination of the two?

We will deliver at least 50% of course online to ensure the ILA is accessible for participants outside of London. However, we are also mindful that our 2021/22 cohort told us how important in-person sessions were to build trust within the group, and therefore we will hold a number of sessions in person.

Is the programme free or do I need to pay? What about expenses, such as travel?

The programme is funded by Bank of America, and is therefore free for all participants. Only travel expenses will be reimbursed, in line with Impetus travel policy. Accommodation expenses will not be reimbursed.

Your eligibility criteria outlines you are looking for leaders working in charities and social enterprises – does this extend to local authorities and schools?

No, leaders from local authorities and schools are not eligible for the ILA as the course content is not designed for their specific needs.

I’m interested in the course but I’m unsure I can attend all the sessions. Is this ok?

No. We have a limited number of places and we will prioritise applications from people who can take full advantage of the programme. Each participant will be required to sign a programme commitment declaration form before being accepted the programme.

My application was unsuccessful. Can I request feedback?

We are able to provide verbal feedback to those unsuccessful at the interview stage, but unfortunately we are unable to provide personalised feedback for those unsuccessful at the application stage. However, we will let each unsuccessful applicant know the common elements we found in successful applications.

What is the masterclasses and events schedule likely to look like?
The schedule is to be confirmed at the moment, however we can provide an indicative schedule:


Masterclasses (9am-1pm)

Networking Events (PM)

Oct 22

ILA Kick-off

Nov 22

Impact Part 1

Dec 22

Impact Part 2

Jan 23


Feb 23

Fundraising Part 1

Mar 23

Financial management

Apr 23

Cohort-led masterclass

May 23

Fundraising Part 2

Funders Networking Event

Jun 23

Influencing and advocacy

Recruiters Networking Event

Jul 23

Cohort-led masterclass

Sep 23

ILA Graduation