Professional triathlete, Natalie Seymour takes part in The Impetus-PEF Triathlon

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Professional triathlete, Natalie Seymour, has signed up to The Impetus-PEF Triathlon on Saturday 15 September. In this first in a series of blogs, she talks us through what inspired her to join us…

Who is Natalie Seymour?

To me, it’s always important to reflect on what we value in life. Two things that have always been important to me are sport and young people. I’ve been lucky enough to compete as an international hockey player and win commonwealth, European and world bronze medals, whilst travelling the world. And more recently, I’ve taken a leap of faith and become a professional triathlete. Sport provides amazing opportunities to learn, develop and overcome challenges. It brings people together in a way unlike any other.

Why Impetus-PEF?

I’m so excited to be involved with Impetus-PEF. This partnership is a great fit for me as Impetus-PEF’s work is something I really believe in. As a part time clinical psychologist for a mental health charity for young people, I’m passionate about helping disadvantaged young people to succeed in life. Like Impetus-PEF, I too believe that ‘Every young person can succeed, whatever their background’. If like me you agree, The Impetus-PEF Triathlon is a great way to stay fit and raise money to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Hopes for our partnership

I’m keen to see more of Impetus-PEF’s impactful work and I’m sure I’ll be inspired by their charity partners and the participants I meet at The Impetus-PEF Triathlon. I’m also hoping to see lots of ‘first timers’ getting involved – hopefully some of my tips will stop you making some of the mistakes I made in my first triathlon (like running out of transition with my helmet on)!

In the lead up to September, I’ll be sharing some training and racing advice to help you prepare for the big day and see how I approach being a professional athlete. Being a professional triathlete is still relatively new to me, but I have had some promising early success and I have big goals for the coming years!

Get social

Whilst triathlon is an individual sport it is great to get to know others for support and guidance, to learn from and to push us to perform to our best. So please get involved and follow me on Twitter @NatalieSeymour9 or Instagram @natalieseymour9. Ask questions and let myself and the Impetus-PEF team know how your training is going @ImpetusPEF. I’ll also keep you updated on how my season is going and what I’m up to during my training.

Register for the Impetus-PEF Triathlon today.

Natalie Seymour is a professional triathlete, psychologist and former international hockey player and is competing in the Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon on Saturday 15 September 2018.

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