Blackstone and Dallaglio RugbyWorks

We are very pleased with Blackstone’s continuing relationship with Dallaglio RugbyWorks. Working with them has exceeded our expectations and I know our pro bono support will benefit them greatly.

David Andrews, Blackstone

Pro bono supporter: Blackstone
Charity partner: Dallaglio RugbyWorks
Project type: Performance management support

Why the project was needed
Dallagio RugbyWorks works with young people excluded from school. Through rugby, they support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop skills to get into Further Education, employment or training. Young people like Thomas.

Dallaglio RugbyWorks collects data on each of the young people going through their programme. The team wanted to find a quick way to visualise the programme’s performance management data, so that the coaches and management team could track how the young people were progressing against their targets.

What the project involved
The Blackstone team built dashboards in Excel to help the Dallaglio RugbyWorks team to understand their data better and use it to make better decisions about their programme. Blackstone also provided in-depth training on how to use Excel and supported Dallaglio RugbyWorks with trouble-shooting whilst they were implementing these dashboards across the organisation.

Impact of the project
Dallaglio RugbyWorks are now able to conduct their own analysis to find out how young people on their programme are progressing and make changes accordingly, to ensure that their young people have the maximum possible chance of success in staying in school or finding and keeping a job.

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