Resurgo & Impetus

Impetus’ expertise has been truly revolutionary. Our partnership is helping create a robust platform to help more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in work.

– Revd Tom Jackson, Founder, Resurgo

The need: Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are twice as likely to not be in education, employment or training than their better-off peers, with long-term consequences for their employability, confidence and earning.

Our charity partner: Resurgo's award-winning Spear programme helps to get disengaged young people ready for work and into a job.

Our impact: Resurgo has grown Spear from a small project in West London to a benchmark-beating programme supporting young people across the UK. This scale has been made possible with Impetus’ support and emphasis on impact, ensuring Resurgo retains a focus on delivering a high-quality programme through their growth. In late 2022 the new Department of Work and Pensions Employment Datalab evaluation service found that Resurgo’s Spear programme reduces the chances of young people being out of work after a year by 20%.

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Sustained employment

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are twice as likely to be not in employment, education, or training (NEET) as their better of peers. As co-chairs of the Youth Employment Group, we work to ensure these young people are not forgotten through the ups and downs of the economy.
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CD&R Foundation Makes Grants to London Non-Profit Organisations

Awards made to three organisations in partnership with Impetus
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