Driving Impact - the cornerstone of Investment support at Impetus

Driving Impact (DI) workshops are an integral part of Impetus’ support to charity partners.

Carried out in the first year of investment, DI lays the foundations to help organisations to move from good impact, to great impact.

The 4-day process is a chance to step back from the day-to-day and look at the big questions: the who, what, why and how?

Mission Target  →  Population    Outcomes    Programme  Design    Performance Management

Facilitated by the Impetus team, the workshops involve people from all levels of the organisation, to ensure multiple perspectives are heard and consensus is built around the decisions made.

The sessions draw on the group’s experience of current operations, supported and challenged by the facilitator to ensure consistency, and bring in external evidence.

The results are:

  • Organisation-wide alignment and consensus on mission 
  • Clear vision of the programme and organisation
  • Motivation and commitment to make changes
  • A ‘blueprint’ that summarises decisions and sets out work required
  • Agreed vision on the future state of the organisation and its programme(s).

The DI process also helps to resolve mission-level tensions within organisations. It clarifies what the organisation will not do, creates accountability for meaningful outcomes, informs and bounds future decisions and produces clear articulation of mission to funders and partners.

Most charities deliver some impact for some of the people they work with. Better charities deliver significant impact for a majority of the people they work with. Very few charities deliver transformative impact for the vast majority of people they work with. That’s where Impetus comes in.

James Gubb, Impetus Impact Lead

James Gubb, Impetus Impact Lead

Driving Impact is the cornerstone to building organisations that deliver transformative and lasting impact for young people. The next step is building a rigorous implementation plan and strategy to roll-out changes to enact the vision.

Thank you for your care, wisdom, energy and hard work over the 4-day Driving Impact process. It’s been a true gift to JET and to our young people. We are determined to use everything we have discussed and agreed together.

Dr Emma Egging, CEO, Jon Egging Trust

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