The Impetus Manifesto

Our 2024 manifesto is a collection of evidence-based ideas aimed at transforming the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s also a call to action, urging the next government to place these young people at the forefront of their policy agenda.

March 2024

The Young Person's Guarantee

This paper emerges from a broad series of conversations, discussions, and consultative sessions and is shaped by a range of experts, organisations, and perspectives. On this basis, we propose a transformational offer for our young people: The Young Person’s Guarantee.

September 2023

NTP tuition partners: Transformational not transactional

A package of reforms that must be implemented by the Government in order for the National Tutoring Programme to reach the thousands of children who have fallen behind at school.

July 2022

Post-qualifications admissions (PQA): system overhaul isn’t a silver bullet

Impetus believes fair access must be at the centre of the sector-wide debate about whether the UK higher education system should move to a system of post-qualification admissions (PQA) system. The access gap between young people who are free school meal eligible and their better-off peers is at its highest since 2007. Yet the two proposals on the table risk massive upheaval that would distract from the biggest barriers to access - like attainment- rather than addressing them.

September 2021

Levelling up for young people: building an Opportunity Guarantee

Over the past few months, the Youth Employment Group (YEG) has been working together to address the challenges posed by the COVID crisis on young people’s prospects. The YEG’s new paper, ‘Levelling Up for young people: Building an Opportunity Guarantee’ brings together this collaborative effort, establishing a three-stage approach which is broken down between now and early 2022.

July 2021

Five Reasons to extend 'Kickstart'

the Youth Employment Group secretariat believes that there is a compelling case to extend the Kickstart scheme beyond December 2021. This policy paper sets out five reasons why an extension to Kickstart would be the right decision for young people around the country.

February 2021

Impetus 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review submission

This submission to the 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review provides solutions that secure a place for young people at the centre of the government’s post-COVID recovery agenda and contribute to the nation’s future economic growth.

November 2020

Securing a place for young people in the nation’s economic recovery: a response to COVID-19

Supporting young people’s employment opportunities – in the immediate and medium term – will be key to ensuring that the UK makes a rapid and full economic recovery from COVID-19. This short briefing note has been prepared by the lead organisations of the Youth Employment Group: Youth Futures Foundation, Impetus, Youth Employment UK, The Princes Trust and the Institute for Employment Studies.

May 2020

Manifesto Policy Briefing: A Fair Chance

Ahead of the general election on 12 December 2019, we're asking all political parties to give disadvantaged young people a fair chance, in primary through to higher education and into the labour market.

November 2019

Youth Jobs Gap: West Midlands Report Launch Briefing

Impetus and KPMG held a roundtable in Birmingham to launch Youth Jobs Gap Research Briefing 5: The Employment Gap in the West Midlands. This paper summarises these discussions and presents recommendations for action in the West Midlands to stakeholders to work on together over the coming months.

November 2019

Youth Jobs Gap: North West Report Launch Briefing

Impetus and KPMG held a roundtable in Manchester to launch Youth Jobs Gap Research Briefing 4: The Employment Gap in the North West. This paper both summarises these discussions and presents recommendations for action in the North West to stakeholders to work on together over the coming months.

November 2019

Advancing Access

If the current rate of progress on access to higher education continues, the access gap will eventually be closed in the year 2148. We set out our response to the OFS's new approach to regulating access and participation.

December 2018

Funding for the future

With the government’s review of post-18 education ongoing, and most of the debate seemingly centring on tuition fees, we must remember that widening participation work is essential to helping more disadvantaged young people access higher education.

June 2018

Magic Breakfast: Preparing for scale

Magic Breakfast recently won a £24 million tender to deliver breakfast provision to children at 1,770 new schools in poor areas across England – a big increase from the 485 schools they currently serve. Impetus has been working with Magic Breakfast to tackle the challenge of how they can maintain their impact at a larger scale. This impact briefing reveals how.

April 2018

A free lunch

Who should be entitled to free school meals? With the introduction of universal credit to replace several benefits, the Department for Education has recently asked this very question. This policy briefing details our response, including concerns about the quality of data in the future

March 2018

Closing the gap in university access: a response to the DfE Green Paper ‘Schools that work for everyone’

Disadvantaged young people are half as likely to university compared to their better off peers. This briefing explores how universities can help improve school attainment and widen access to university.

December 2016

Defining disadvantage: a response to the DfE Green Paper ‘Schools that work for everyone’

What does ‘disadvantaged’ young people mean? There are different ways of measuring disadvantage – from free school meals to household income. We use ‘Ever 6 FSM’ – pupils who have been looked after, in care, or eligible for free school meals in the past six years.

October 2016