Our team

Adam Alagiah-Glomseth

Investment Director

“Having run an education charity, I really appreciate the approach Impetus takes to working with charities, which is all to rare; forming genuine partnerships over the long term, providing meaningful unrestricted funding and focusing relentlessly on impact. I'm really excited to start working with our partner charities to help improve the lives of the young people they support ”

Bea Theakston

Investment Director - School Attainment Lead

"I wanted to be part of Impetus’ mission because I care deeply about the third sector and the impact we can achieve. It’s possible to dramatically change lives by bringing the rights skills, experience, and passion together. Young people, our partner charities, donors and Impetus do just that and its magic to be a part of. "

Ben Brodie

Investment Director

"Working with some of our charities on their response to the Covid-19 crisis was eye-opening – I was so impressed by their understanding of the challenge, restlessness to maintain impact during lockdown, and their focus on ensuring long-term financial sustainability. I loved being able to support such driven teams through such a difficult period."

Camilla Elwood

Investment Manager

“I was drawn to working at Impetus due to the incredible impact that the charities in our portfolio have on young people’s lives. Impetus are at the forefront of supporting some of the most ambitious youth-focused charities in the UK and being able to work with them on capacity building is both fascinating and rewarding..”

Charlie Rainer

Investment Director

"In my first three months at Impetus I was involved in building the first cohort of the Impetus Leadership Academy – it’s a special feeling to be part of that team investing and developing incredible and inspiring people, all relentlessly working to improve the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. From top to bottom, Impetus is full of thoughtful, critical and purpose-driven people working towards a common goal. There’s nowhere else like it!"

Chiku Bernardi

Deputy Portfolio Director

“At our team away day we held some success and failure awards – which were both hilarious and poignant. It felt great to see everyone in crazy wigs, cheering each other on. We hit gold every time we mix our robust and driven culture with caring and fun.”

Chloe Tye

Investment Manager

“Having spent the last five years working in social investment, I’ve always been driven to work in social justice. The brilliant thing about Impetus is the commitment of everyone to work together to dismantle the systemic inequality facing young people from less advantaged backgrounds. It is so exciting to be able to support amazing charities who are striving for young people to be given the same life opportunities regardless of the barriers they are facing.”

Danny Swift

Investment Director

“Impetus’ commitment to improving how charities use evidence – whether that’s for continuous improvement of their delivery; to inform strategic decisions; or to hold themselves to account to partners and funders – is one I share passionately. I’ve experienced first-hand the combination of support and challenge that Impetus provides to charities and their leaders, and I’m driven to play this role with my partner charities, to improve the lives of the young people they work with.

Jake Farrell

Investment Director

“Earlier in my career I worked for a charity that was part of the Impetus portfolio and I saw first hand the transformative affect that support from the team can have. I’m inspired to try and give other charities the same incredible help that I received and to work with such impactful and thoughtful organisations.”

James Gubb

Investment Director

“The big thing I learnt from running a social enterprise prior to joining Impetus is that for a charity to have long-lasting impact on a young person’s life it’s not enough to have a good heart or a great programme; it requires constant self-reflection, dispassionate awareness of performance and making seriously tough decisions day-in, day-out. What I love is that Impetus has the guts to challenge charities to do so, constantly asking the difficult questions and encouraging those in our portfolio to do better and better... and they tell us it’s working!

Joshua Kerrigan

Data and Performance Analyst

“Having worked in schools with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the past and volunteering with free football coaching in the local community currently, I felt that Impetus' mission to transform the lives of young people really aligned with mine.

Since joining here, I have been amazed by the commitment and compassion of the whole team and the way that Impetus empowers charity partners to making a real difference in the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Sebastien Ergas

Portfolio Director

Ending a first meeting with a potential charity partner and saying to myself ‘this Chief Exec takes nothing for granted, is very reflective about her charity's impact and is open about her leadership challenges' – that, was a very exciting moment, and the start of a great partnership.

Sherrine Ricketts


“I choose to work for Impetus for the impact they have on charities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and provide a gateway to help grow communities."

Sonal Shenai

Investment Director

"Every young person deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. Our charity partners strive to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed in school and life. It’s a privilege to work with such dedicated charity teams and see more young people achieve their dreams, particularly in such unprecedented times."

Sophie Manning

Investment Director

"I could see from day one that everything Impetus does is done thoughtfully and with integrity. Charity leaders are incredible, determined people and each one deserves expert, personalised support. Each time we provide that, we know that represents several hundred young people’s stories of injustice and system failure turned around."

Tamara Baleanu

Investment Director – School Engagement Lead

"Witnessing a charity leader's light bulb moment is exhilarating, whether it's to do with using data to improve the outcomes of their young people or developing a new five-year strategy for their organisation. It's such a privilege to get to play a part in it."