Our team

Ayesha Baloch

Senior Policy Advisor

“Young people are the future of the UK and yet, investment in their future through education and youth employment continues to be limited. Particularly in the wake of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and an ongoing cost of living crisis, Impetus' efficient, evidence-led approach is more crucial than ever. I'm thrilled to be part of such a spirited team, whose work makes a meaningful and visible contribution to people's lives.”

Ben Gadsby

Head of Policy and Research

“Too many of my friends from school didn’t get the opportunities I did, but the charities Impetus works with are putting that right. I love to hear the inspirational before and after stories from the young people those charities work with. Transformational change is possible.”

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Lucy Keating

Head of Communications

"‘Passion’ ‘positivity’ ‘opportunity’ and ‘hope’ were just some of the words charity staff used to describe their work during my first Delivering Impact workshop. Their dedication is testament to the impact they have on young lives, and show that charities aren’t an added extra - they are vital and transformative. I’m proud to work for an organisation that has a unique role in maximising benefit for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, a mission that is more important than ever in today’s uncertain world."

Myung Jin

Digital Communications Officer

"My goal is for equality to be brought about in our society. Providing opportunities for, and access to, education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds is crucial for a fairer, more equal society - Impetus is driving the structural changes needed to make this vision a reality."

Nicola Robbins

Head of Communications

“Having spent a number of years as a school governor I know how important it is that all young people are supported to get the best start in life. The work that Impetus does is vital and lifechanging, and I am excited about being able to use my skills to help brilliant charities transform young lives..

Robin Lanfear

Senior Communications Manager

"Having joined from one of Impetus' charity partners, I know first-hand how a charity can benefit from Impetus' support. One of my favourite experiences there was an Impetus Driving Impact Workshop, when the whole organisation came together to agree how we could better reach the young people we existed to serve. We left that workshop inspired and confident in how we could transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Steve Haines

Director of Public Affairs

"Supporting charities to find what works and taking their impact to scale is more vital than ever in tackling the barriers that hold back too many young people.

"Impetus and our partners are uniquely placed to take those voices to power and achieve lasting change.”