Our team

Athene Jollands

Events Manager

“Since joining Impetus, I have frequently been struck by the exceptional knowledge, skills and determination of my colleagues. So many people are determined to create a fairer future for the next generation, however what sets Impetus staff apart is how they approach this challenge in a strategic and clever way which in turn enables our partner charities to excel and more young people to succeed”

Claudia R. Knights

Development Director

When I volunteered with one of our charities at an East London school, I saw that they had made a remarkable difference to young people - improving their grades at school and future aspirations. The charity was clear: they increased their impact by working with Impetus. This has given me confidence that the money I raise from donors really is a great investment.

Daniel Barker

Development Director

“I was lucky enough to attend one of our Impact Management Programme training sessions. As well as reminding me that I work with brilliant people, it was the first time I truly appreciated how difficult and how meaningful our work is. Considering the tough decisions that are needed to really put young people first and get the best results possible was an eye-opening experience.

Hannah Lear

Philanthropy Manager

In our Philanthropy team, we’re passionate about building strong relationships with our donors to ensure that young people get all the opportunities that they deserve, regardless of their background.

Harriet Gugenheim

Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships

“I love going to our volunteering sessions with donors and young people. One of my favourite memories was an afternoon in a city office with a group of young people and volunteers – at the beginning everyone was nervous and quiet. But by the end of the session, we were all hugging each other good-bye. It’s those moments, where our two worlds collide, when I really see the power of Impetus’ work.”

Heather Poel

Head of Engagement (currently on maternity leave)

“Coming from a small education charity working with young people, I was truly inspired by the incredible work that Impetus do to support such a diverse range of charities, each uniquely helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed. Since joining I’ve been struck by how passionate and intelligent everyone is and I’m looking forward to being part of such a great team driving for change.”

Isabella Royds

Philanthropy Officer

“In my previous role as a teacher, I saw first-hand the inequalities and barriers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face. It is exciting to now be part of a highly motivated team which is tackling these inequalities head on by finding, building and supporting great charities with interventions that work..”

Kerry Greaves

Head of Events

“From my very first day at Impetus, the drive to reach as many young people as possible through our charity partners was clear. Small pockets of great practice are not enough. All young people are deserving of the chance to succeed, no matter the barriers they face. The Impetus model is unique in its ability to do that. I am proud to be part of such a dedicated team of people.”

Miki Dryja

Egagement Officer

"Within my first few days at Impetus, I attended a workshop that one of our donors was hosting and it was incredible to see such a buzz in the room. Everyone gave their all to the day and the young people left with a real sense of being able to achieve anything. It was amazing to be a part of and I love being able to share these moments with our donors and charity partners."

Monique Lakhman

Senior Philanthropy Officer

"Since my first day I have been impressed by Impetus’ rigorous approach to transforming the lives of young people. Their focus on outcomes and impact has a transformational quality on their charity partners who strive to ensure every young person, no matter their circumstance, has the chance to succeed. Impetus has committed itself to a unique and innovative model of backing the best, and that means facilitating effectiveness and reaching more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These exceptional results are the product of colleagues who posses the determination and knowledge to see Impetus strive for excellence, and I am fortunate enough to work with such people."

Nayaab Sattar

Head of Engagement (maternity cover)

"‘Working with a team of such dedicated and passionate individuals is truly inspirational and I feel blessed to be in a team that strives towards enabling young people to be their best selves despite some of the challenges. I love being able to share the opportunity of impacting the lives of young people through volunteering, working with our donors and charity partners alike!.

Nia Simpson

Events Officer

I have always been keen to help young people and give back. Here at Impetus, I have been able to do that. Whether it has been indirectly with our events or directly through engagement opportunities, I've loved interacting with and supporting the young people we serve. To do this as part of such a supportive and driven team has been great!

Rosemary Hurford

Senior Philanthropy and Partnerships Manager

"I loved visiting a Charity partner where I met a classroom of 10 year olds full of excitement to learn about going to university. Each child was filled with confidence that they could achieve anything. These real-life outcomes are front and centre of the Impetus model. I know I’m part of an organisation that has a crystal-clear focus on irrevocably transforming the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds."